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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Author Interview & SIGNED Book Giveaway w/ Laura Bickle! {Happy Release Day!}

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Hey everyone! How are you all doing this lovely Tuesday?

I am so happy to say that I have one of the the nicest and sweetest authors I’ve met to date. Not only that, but she also writes great Urban Fantasy books, is there any doubt as to why I’m her fan?

There is also a great Signed Book Giveaway, the detail are au the end of the post!

Sparks is Coming out TODAY! Check out my review of Sparks HERE!

My review of Embers HERE!



laura bickle

When did you first start writing?

I’ve been writing as far back as I can remember, scribbling down stories or drawing pictures of different worlds. I had a pretty magical childhood – my mother was a school librarian, so I spent summers in a sunshine-filled nook in the back of the library. I read about mythology and legends, dragons and things that go bump in the night. I wanted to create something that would speak to other people like those books spoke to me.
As an adult, I kept scribbling. I was initially pretty shy about submitting my work, but I gradually discovered that other people were enjoying what I’d written. It’s a wonderful affirmation of that childhood dream.

Have you always enjoyed Fantasy?

When I was a kid, I read Robin McKinley's HERO AND THE CROWN and THE BLUE SWORD. I'd never read any fantasy before with strong female heroines, and I was instantly in love with the genre.

Why writing Urban Fantasy?

I love the idea that there's something beneath the everyday world, something invisible and magical. Writing about the supernatural is a way to touch that unseen world, to imagine what our reality would be like if there were just a few different rules, and magic was the hidden law.

Were there any Books, Movies or Writers that have inspired you?

Many...Patricia McKillip, Wonder Woman comic books, Peter S. Beagle, Robin McKinley, Forever Knight, C.S. Friedman...

Tarot cards are a big inspiration for me, especially for my work as Alayna Williams. I literally wrote DARK ORACLE and ROGUE ORACLE with a deck in hand for story prompts.

What is your favorite subject in the Urban Fantasy Realm?

Lately...dragons. I picked up a new Tarot deck, the Celtic Dragon Tarot, that has whimsical dragons on all the cards. I've been inhaling all things dragon for the last couple of months.

How did you come up with such a fresh "species" of supernatural being?

I try to approach myths in ways I haven't seen before. For example, I use fire salamanders as familiars in EMBERS and SPARKS. There's not much to find about salamanders in the literature, beyond their origins. They're rumored to be capricious, destructive, and unpredictable as fire itself. That made a salamander a perfect sidekick for Anya, the arson investigator heroine of EMBERS and SPARKS. And Sparky hopped out onto the page, wiggling his tail and looking for trouble.

Writing as Alayna Williams, I used the myth of the Oracle of Delphi to create a society of oracles in DARK ORACLE and ROGUE ORACLE. I wanted to write about a criminal profiler who uses Tarot cards to solve crimes, and the old myth of the priestesses of Delphi provided an exciting history for a modern oracle.

I really enjoy seeing Anya and Brian together, is a Happily Ever After is the cards for them?

One of the things I find most exciting about Urban Fantasy is that a Happily Ever After isn't guaranteed. I'm quite fond of Brian, because he's an ordinary guy, a computer programmer who happens to love a woman who sees ghosts. As a nerd, I'm a big fan of geek love.

However, just because Brian is human doesn't mean that he doesn't have a dark side. We get an inkling of that in SPARKS. My lips are sealed on the future, though!


Favorite Paranormal themed Movie?image541


Favorite Paranormal themed TV Show?

The X-Files

Favorite Paranormal themed Book?

Robin McKinley's SUNSHINE

Favorite Author?

Robin McKinley

Favorite Paranormal Romance Author?

I have a lot of favorites...it's impossible to choose just one! Some of my favorites include Ann Aguirre, Linda Robertson, Stacia Kane, and Jeri Smith-Ready.

Favorite one of your Books?

SPARKS is my favorite. It'll be released by Pocket-Juno Books in August 30. In SPARKS, Anya’s investigating a rash of spontaneous human combustion cases. With the help of the ghost hunters and a soul collector from the Underworld, she must track down the supernatural source of the fires and keep her fire salamander familiar's newly-hatched newts safe from a malicious psychic. Chaos ensues - and I love writing chaos.

Who is your favorite of your own characters?

Sparky, Anya Kalinczyk's fire salamander familiar in EMBERS and SPARKS, is my favorite character. When he's taking a nap or disinterested in Anya's work, he's housed in a salamander-shaped torque she wears around her neck. When he's feeling peevish, or in the presence of danger or ghosts, he's unleashed from the necklace. Most often, he takes the form of a five-foot speckled hellbender. Only Anya and ghosts can see him, but he makes his influence felt in the physical world: he can disrupt electrical fields. He's prone to chewing on cell phones, shorting out fire alarm systems, blowing up microwaves, and wreaking havoc on nearly anything he can get his paws on. He's not a bad salamander...he just manages to find trouble, wherever he goes.

Which was the hardest to write?

Anya, the heroine of EMBERS and SPARKS, can be emotionally difficult to write. Anya has her roots in the myth of Ishtar. Ishtar was the Babylonian goddess of war and sex. Anya has a very strong dark side to her personality. When she's possessed by a demon, that dark side is given free reign.

What would you be if not a writer? Why?

I've worked a day job in and around criminal justice since 1996. If I could choose anything else...I'd be a veterinarian. I've got hopes of someday owning a feral cat ranch or otter sanctuary. Weird, huh?

Maybe I could be a veterinarian for dragons...

If you Could be a Paranormal Being, Which one would you be?

Most paranormal beings have pretty extensive drawbacks, as part of the price of magic. I suppose that if had to choose, I'd want to be an elemental. Salamanders seem to have the most fun, and usually have the advantage of immortality.

Or a dragon. Yeah, a dragon. I like shiny things, and dragons get to hoard a lot of loot.

constantineIf you could meet any Urban Fantasy Character, which one you'd like to meet?

Though it's not strictly Urban Fantasy, I'd love to meet Don Simon Ysidro from Barbara Hambly's THOSE WHO HUNT THE NIGHT and TRAVELING WITH THE DEAD. He's my favorite vampire. She used a very subtle touch to humanize him. One of the most unforgettable scenes she wrote was about Don Simon in his nightshirt late at night, feeding the neighborhood cats scraps of meat from butcher paper. That scene still sticks with me as an example of how a master writer creates a character.


Coffee or Tea?

Tea. I never developed a taste for coffee! But Coca-Cola in the morning is my all-time favorite.

Up or Down?

Up. Down would probably make me motion-sick!

Virtual or Real?


Right or Left?


Day or Night?

Day. I can't get enough sunshine.

Here or There?

There. I'm always thinking about the next thing.

Sooner or Later?

Sooner. I'm an impatient girl!

Light or Dark?

Dark. Dark shirts don't show spaghetti stains.

Fast or Slow?

Slow. Savoring is good.

Vampires or Werewolves?

Vamps. I don't know that a were would get along with my cats.image5011

Angels or Demons?

Angels. They're more of a challenge. ;-)

Lanterns or Ghosts?

Lanterns get indigestion while digesting ghosts, but they're pretty tenacious. Lanterns.

Reading or Writing?


What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Editing. Yeah, I know that's perverse, but I get a sick sense of accomplishment from it.

What is your least favorite part?

Staring at the blank page. It's intimidating as hell.

The Anya Kalinczyk Series in your own words?

By day, Anya Kalinczyk is an arson investigator for the Detroit Fire Department. By night, she's a ghost-hunter who uses her powers as a medium to devour malicious spirits. With the help of her fire salamander familiar, Sparky, and an eccentric team of ghost hunters, she must face dangers from Detroit's hidden supernatural underbelly.

Any plans for more Books in the series?

I'd love to do more books, and have plenty of notebooks full of ideas. Time will tell if they come to fruition!

You also write the Oracle series as Alayna Williams, Why did you decide to write that series under a pseudonym?

Same genre, and the release dates were close together – hence the use of a different name! DARK ORACLE has a slightly different tone. Tara Sheridan swore off criminal profiling after narrowly escaping a serial killer who left her scarred for life. By combining Tarot card divination with her own intuition, she must help an intense federal agent find a missing scientist who has unlocked the destructive secrets of dark energy. The agent, Harry Li, draws her out of her self-imposed exile and back into the world.

What is coming up next for you?

I'm finishing up on copy edits for ROGUE ORACLE, the sequel to DARK ORACLE. ROGUE will be out in 2011, under my Alayna Williams pseudonym. In ROGUE ORACLE, Tara’s destiny becomes further enmeshed with Delphi’s Daughters, and ancient secret society of oracles. With the help of federal agent Harry Li, she’s trying to stop a Chernobyl survivor from selling nuclear secrets on the international black market.

What are you working on right now?

I've got a couple of projects I'm working on at the moment, also in the urban fantasy genre, but pretty far off the beaten path. I've also had a yen to do an epic fantasy for awhile...we'll see how the cards fall!

Do you have any advice or tip to those like me that want to become a published Author someday?

I always suggest that writers try. National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo challenges participants to write 50,000 words in a month. I highly recommend the experience for all writers – it really tests the boundaries of what you think you can accomplish. It helped me integrate writing into other aspects of my life, and definitely made it a priority.

The single most important step along the path to getting published is finishing. The next step is having the discipline to do it again. And again. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s the whole learning-by-doing thing.

Anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

Thank you so much for giving my books a try. I know that there are a lot of choices in the urban fantasy section of the bookstore, and it means a lot when folks take a chance on me.

Thank you so much for being here!

Thank you very much for having me!



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  1. Larissa, I really like your interviews. I used to do this for whatever Zine I was involved in at the time ... alas, they all folded. But I know that it takes a lot of work to do them.

    @Laura: Up is definitely better than down. And your book sounds tempting. :)

  2. I enjoyed the interview and the chance to learn a bit more about Laura. I loved Embers and I can't wait to read Sparks and find out what happens next for Anya and Sparky.

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  3. Hey Again!

    I love that Laura likes dragons (so cool) and Constantine was an awesome movie.

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  4. SiNn says:

    awesome interview and honestly id have to say really honestly i love the exfiles and constantine is one of my alltime favorite movies like ever

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  5. buddyt says:

    It was a good interview.

    With Laura's love of Tarot cards I wonder, does she believe in their use to fortell the future ?

    Or does she just like the illustrations ?

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

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  6. sRy_ says:
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  7. Beverly says:

    Thanks for hosting - please enter me!


    I love the quickies section of the interview - Coke in the morning - I'm a redbull girl. Not often do you hear that editing is the favorite part.

    +5 GFC follower
    total = +7

  8. Great interview!
    So dragons! Does that mean we get more dragons in the next Anya/Sparky book ;-)
    Can't wait for your next book be it a Bickle or Williams one!

    +5 Google Friend Connect Follower (or maybe it's the other, but both are 5 and I never know which one is which)
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    that makes 6 I think or does my comment count as well and make it 7? So confusing...

    Anyway: my addy = bersaba_berkley (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Moridin says:
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  10. May says:

    Hey, lovely interview!
    Love quick questions, might copy them next time I interview someone (the day or night, left or right, etc.)... XD

    I'd like to be entered, please? :D
    mayarend (at) yahoo.com.br

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  11. Holz says:

    Love the quickies! Whoop someone else who loves coke in the mornings:)

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  13. Great interview! I keep hearing about how dragons are getting hot now, but I haven't found one (okay I was reading a series with a dragon character in it, but it got awful so I had to stop.) Anyone have a good suggestion?
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  14. I really like your blog and I think it is a great interview.
    I would love to get a chance to win and read this book, it sounds great.

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  15. Jade says:

    I love the book covers, you can imagine the heat radiating off 'Sparks' :)
    And I definitely enjoyed the interview, Q&A's always awesome! Though I'm more confused now than ever: which supernatural do pets actually like? :-/

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  16. Tore says:

    I loved your interview. I would love to read your books. They sound really good. Please enter me in contest. Any suggestions or where to begin if I would like to try to write a book. Tore923@aol.com

  17. Thanks so much for having me, Larissa!

    Moira, I agree...up is better. Keeps the blood from rushing to my head. ;-)

    Barbara E, I'm so glad that you enjoyed EMBERS! You'll love the newts in SPARKS, I promise!

    Soap Box, dragons are awesomesauce...I have a plush dragon colletion that my husband adds to every so often. I also picked up the Celtic Dragon Tarot recently...it's crawling with adorable dragons!

    SiNn, I'm a huge X-Files fan. Did you catch the comic books when they were out?

    buddyt, I don't believe that the future is fixed. I think tha the chief use of the Tarot is to get us to think about possibilities that we might not have otherwise considered. So, I guess my answer is: maybe?

    SRy, I imagine that being a vet for dragons would be quite an adventure. It's hard enough for me to give pills to my cat...medicating a dragon would require a flame-proof suit!

    Sullivan, great to see you! As you know, there are newts galore in SPARKS. If there's another SPARKY book, I have plans for him to make some other mythological friends. ;-)

    Thanks, Moridan, Mysteriousrose, and May! Larissa's interview was a blast.

    Holz, Coca Cola is the breakfast of champions. ;-)

    Bethany, I totally recommend Weiss and Hickman for dragons!

    Jade, the artist for my covers is Chris McGrath. He also does the covers for the DRESDEN FILES...I was over the moon when I saw them!

    Sparky actually enjoys cats. Anya's best friend has cats. Whenever Sparky gets to visit, they wind up playing chase and falling asleep in an exhausted heap.

    Tore, I would recommend National Novel Writing Month...www.nanowrimo.org. DARK ORACLE is actually a NaNoWriMo book. The process challenges you to write 50,000 words in a month. It's a great, supportive community that really pushes writers beyond what they thought their limits were. Two thumbs up!

  18. @Laura: it's never too late to make up an eart elemental that looks like a pig :-p

  19. Lu says:

    Great Interview!! And thanks so much for the giveaway! :D

    Laura do you have a favourite word?

    chidoryx AT hotmail DOT com

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  20. firepages says:

    What an excellent interview! I can't wait to read Sparks. Constantine is also my favorite paranormal themed movie too! Great job Laura!

  21. Jessica says:

    A great interview Larissa! My TBR list keeps growing. Please enter me in your contest to win a signed copy of Spark by Laura Bickle.


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  22. Melissa says:

    I have #1 on my tbr. I so need #2 to go with it! :) Congrats on the new book! Heh... I'll have to see if my vet friend would do dragons if they were real. :)

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  23. @Sullivan...I have not forgotten! Am thinking of how to work the perfect earth elemental into a story...but should the elemental be a zombie pig, as well?

    Hi, Lu! My husband teases me for using "suffused" or "sussurance" or "penumbra" or "crepuscular." Anytime he finds one of those in my drafts, I get grief. It's sort of like our own personal "Where's Waldo?" game.

    Thanks so much, firepages! My favorite scene in Constantine is the bathtub scene...makes the hair on the back of my neck lift every time! What's your favorite scene?

    Jessica, thanks so much for adding me to your TBR pile!

    Melissa, let me know what your vet friend thinks! I'm wondering if dragons would fall under "large animal" veterinary practices, with horses and cows? Dunno...

  24. @Laura: Nah, the zombiefying (although always cool) is optional, not a must ;-)

  25. Sullivan, you crack me up! :-)

  26. I've never read this author, but the interview was awesome! I also really enjoyed Robin McKinley's Sunshine. Great book!

    Thanks for the giveaway, ladies!

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  27. Robin K says:

    An epic fantasty!? Do tell more :)

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  28. Teril says:

    +5 friend
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    I love the suggestions on how to become a writer 50,000 words a month, I will have to try it ;)
    thanx for the great interview

  29. Wonderful interview! I love how you use salamanders as familiars because it adds another different and unique element to the story.

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  30. Hi, Natalie! McKinley's SUNSHINE rocked my world. It was just a gorgeous story. Can't say enough good things about it!

    RobinK...I think that there will be dragons, if there is an epic fantasy in my future. ;-)

    Teril, NaNoWriMo is a great community. If you join, friend me...my user name is LBickle.

    Thanks, jeanette8042. I wanted to do something a little different, and the salamanders were so much fun!

  31. Great interview. This book sounds great.

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  32. JenM says:

    Best wishes Laura. I loved Embers and I'm looking forward to reading Sparks. Sparky is the greatest. He stole every scene he was in and I'm looking forward to finding out more about him.

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    jen at delux dot com

  33. Victoria says:

    Nice interview - love the quickies. These books sound great.
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  34. I saw that cover and said: that has to be Chris McGrath. I'm a bit torn on his artwork now (it's prolific in the UF section, isn't it?), but it really, really works for Sparks, I think.

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    My contact: spiffyish at hotmail dot com

  35. Thanks so much for stopping by, jellybelly82158 and Victoria!

    JenM, I'm so glad that you liked Sparky! He's my favorite, too. I hope that you enjoy his newts in SPARKS!

    Hi, TJ! I'm in love with the covers. McGrath did an awesome job...he really captures the look and feel of fire.

  36. Great interview! I recently got a copy of Embers and I can't wait to read it :)
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  37. What a great interview I loved constantine good movie but different. I can't wait to read the next book thank you so much for the chance!
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  38. Angela says:

    Great interview@
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  39. Thanks for picking up EMBERS, throuthehaze! Hope you enjoy it!

    latishajean, I'm glad that you enjoyed CONSTANTINE, too. I think that I've even got the soundtrack around here, somewhere...

    Thanks for stopping by, Angela!

  40. thank you! :D and veterinarian for dragons sounds so cool and exciting!

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  41. Lovely interview! I've read Embers and it was absolutely fantastic! Great plot, strong heroine, fabulous side characters, gorgeous cover! :) Can't wait to get my hands on its sequel- Sparks!

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    Thanks so much for making this international and you can reach me at luvpinkpanther@gmail.com

  42. Lucy says:

    Thank you for the great interview and the giveaway!


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  43. Andrea I says:

    I enjoyed the interview and would love to win a signed copy.

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  44. Hi, Fi-chan! But the more that I think about being a veterinarian for dragons, the more I think that I should get hazard pay. ;-)

    Pink Panther, I'm so glad that you enjoyed EMBERS! Your comments made my day! It's always wonderful to hear from someone who enjoyed the book, and I hope that you enjoy SPARKS just as much! :-)

    Thank you, Lucy and Andrea! I appreciate you both dropping by! :-)

  45. Michelle says:

    I've been meaning to pick up this series for a while now. I adore these covers - very atmospheric.

    And I'd love to win a copy of this one.

    mmillet at gmail dot com

    I follow you on twitter

  46. Great interview! I loved X-Files & Constantine, too :) I still haven't read Embers, but I will!


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    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Kulsuma says:

    Count me in please:)

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  48. Aik says:

    Great contest! I'd love to enter!

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  49. Another awesome interview. I really LOVE it. And great giveaway!

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    Thanks! :)


  50. Michelle, thanks! I adore the covers. The artist, Chris McGrath, really captured the mood of the story.

    Aleksandra, thanks for the good wishes! I've been watching Fringe to try and satisfy my X-Files fix, but it's just not the same.

    Thanks for stopping by Kulsama and Aik.

    Glad that you liked the interview, Lygia. Larissa asks awesome questions!

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    Thanks for the great Interview! I had fun reading it.
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    Great giveaway! Count me in please!

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  54. Thanks, Misha, Christa, and Hooked on Books!

  55. Great interview and has given me another author to add to my TBR mountain!

    Love to enter the giveaway
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  56. Thanks, Magic Faerie! Hope you enjoy them. :-)

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    I liked the interview...

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    I guess it is the same way that as a reader I prefer the urban fantasy genre... the what-ifs keeps my interest :)

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    Hope I'm not too late. This sounds like a good book.
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  60. Hi, Tere1494! Thanks for stopping by.

    Cherry, I tend to gravitate more toward urban fantasy when I'm reading, too. I like the unpredictability of not knowing that there will be a "happily ever after" ending.

    Thanks so much, JoAnna!

  61. Christa, spontaneous human combustion was a blast to research. I read up on all kinds of interesting theorie about how it develops...from people getting drunk, passing out, and managing to drop a cigarette spark on their clothes...to ball lightning...to something called a "phospenic fart." There's a theory out there that, under certain conditions, that the digestive tract can generate spontaneously flammable gases. Weird, huh?

  62. This one looks really interesting.

    Please enter me in the giveaway.


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    * I actually have 18 total entries. Sorry. *headdesk*

  67. Thanks PamK and Spav! I agree...dragons need more of the limelight. There are all kinds of cool places for them to nest in urban areas...I put one of mine in the Detroit Salt Mine beneath the city.

  68. Wanda says:

    I so often choose books because of their covers and Sparks has a very intriguing one. I'd love to be entered in your draw. Thanks.
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